Wedding Serving Set

Lips break into smiles as they choose Tulips for that day.
A gathering like never before.
The cake knife brings & serving wedge, another beautiful pair.
It’s a day of pairing, of sharing and caring.
Dawning a new view of life, forever together and true.


  • Knife 14″ long,
  • Serving Wedge 11″ long
  • Blades are the finest Sheffield Steel, very sharp
  • Handles are Sterling silver
  • Both are very sharp

Cake Knife $975
Desert Server $975
Wedding Set Pair $1850
Available upon request as single items or as a pair.

Tulips in Mind Serveware

Born with a heritage of Holland, tulips have always been loved.  There’s more to the series & more to the saga.  Come back for the story in full bloom.