Artistic Inspiration

M forging disk 688x1024I’ve always loved the feel of silver. I love the way it looks, the way it feels and the way it moves in my hands as I work with it.

My introduction to metalsmithing focused on jewelry making techniques.  Before long I expanded my horizons to include works for the home and now it also includes sculpture employing a myriad of forms

Much of my work is in Sterling Silver, others in Gold, mixing the metals or standing alone.  The list of materials grows as I expand my horizons. Colored stones and other materials that catch my imagining may enhance the metals. I find it great fun to create many pieces to be used or worn in more than one manner.

My serving pieces celebrate your home. Your hand wraps comfortably around each piece, and you notice the balance.

My jewelry complements your being.  Caressing your neck, boldly embracing your wrist or lighting up your lapel.

My sculptural Flights of Fancy is the newest approach to my art, using found and sought out elements for a beguiling result that spark surprise and delight.

Time-honored methods of metalsmithing are used. Each piece is handmade. The silver works you see were once merely wires of silver and silver sheet. The shape is created by bending and forming it with my hands and with the well-practiced use of hand tools. The newest approach is using   .

The designs I conjure and create, you have not seen before. They interweave elegance, fancy, and function. They’re made to be lived with and laughed over, providing personal creative expression to your life every day.

. . . Photography by Patty Clark