About the Artist

Megin DiamondThe love of silver started when I was a child. The familiar color, the weight, and the ever-evolving patina were enjoyed with every meal.

As I grew and experienced the world, I searched for a fulfilling expression of my creativity. While visiting San Francisco in 1974, through a kind twist of fate I met with my soon-to-be mentor, Harry C. Thistle (a wonderful character who turned 83 every year I knew him).  He opened the doors to a lifetime of learning and loving through creating with precious metals. My apprenticeship started the very next day. The reaction was immediate, and the passion has never subsided.

As an artist/designer, I have lived and worked in a variety of environments… from being raised in the rural mountains of Pennsylvania to choosing the urban bustle of Amsterdam, San Francisco and Baltimore, and savoring the high mountain beauty of Santa Fe.  Each has nurtured me with their unique loves and lessons. Whether I’m in a rural or urban environment, the lifelong inspiration that nature provides is deeply rooted within and finds its expression through my art.

My creative ideas continually come to me… sometimes bursting forth… sometimes creeping up… some even in my dreams.  They give birth to new concepts, new directions.  As these mature, they manifest themselves in metal.

When you take my works into your homes, wear my creations for daily and special events, share them with your family and friends, it motivates me to forge ahead, give my imagination flight, and unveil the unexpected in the familiar.